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This application is for women who are serious about initiating deep healing & transformation through private coaching. I appreciate your honest responses to help me evaluate if one-on-one coaching with me is the best fit for you at this time. All submissions are received and reviewed by me (Bri) personally. BE SURE TO ENTER YOUR NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS SO THAT I CAN RESPOND TO YOU. Let's begin!

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Please briefly explain your interest in private coaching with me (i.e. why you're interested, and what you hope to gain from it).

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Are you open to exploring the mind-body connection as well as physical practices?

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Are you aware that this is a financial and energetic investment that includes private coaching with communication/follow-up between sessions? Are you willing and able to invest your time, energy, and financial resources in this way right now?

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Do you have any specific questions for me (Bri) about this coaching package, or what coaching entails?

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