A Message of Thanks and Giving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

This week/weekend in the United States we celebrate Thanksgiving. I LOVE gratitude. Thanking. Appreciating. Recognizing. Giving. The day really combines these beautiful feelings together with some tasty homemade food (and for some, such as my family, a backyard game of football too).

This message isn’t about the Thanksgiving holiday. It is a message of thanks and giving, written for you.

The Thanks 🙏

--I ask that you read this next section out loud (or at least out loud in your head).--

Thank you body, you’re always with me.

Thank you pelvic floor, for supporting my everything.

Thank you to all who have helped heal me.

Thank you for all that I’ve learned through suffering.

Thank you for this perfect present moment I’m experiencing.

When we give thanks in advance. When we fully appreciate the present moment, more thanks-worthy experiences come to us. When we love our body, it responds (see The Neuroscience of Gratitude). Today isn’t just about thanking others. Make sure to thank yourself. Love your body. Love your pelvic floor. 

Do you gravitate more toward someone who loves you or curses you? Your pelvic floor is a part of you. It is made of the same components as the “rest of you.” Something to contemplate on.

The Giving 🎁

My other favorite part of Thanksgiving! Giving out my gifts! I roll out of bed every morning and say, “another day of extreme beauty.” (I’m completely serious). I had extreme pelvic floor pain and dysfunction for five years. It is such an immense gift to be able to urinate without taking 10 minutes, not fall on the floor in pain after having a bowel movement, be able to have the best sex of my life, exercise and lift weights, play with my kids, and just enjoy life to the fullest. 

I want this for you again, too. It is insanely touching when we help someone recover in 3-4 months instead of going on for years and years in chronic pain. This is WHY I DO what I do. 💖

Dr. Bri and I would like to give you a very special Thanks and Giving Triple Offer. This is the perfect way to complete the rest of the Overcome program, just 11 weeks left to go!

In Strength, Michael Hodge

Co-Creator, Overcome Pelvic Pain


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Plant a New Destiny is a 30 day manifestation program that I created to guide my transformation students to bring about their dream life. This is for you if you are not just wanting to rejuvenate your pelvic floor, but also to bring about more wealth, conscious relationships, and a next-level you. This is not required for those who are going through Overcome Pelvic Pain, but it is a powerful program. It includes meditations, growthwork exercises, journaling, and powerful lessons.

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