The Experience with Dr. Bri

A Private Healing Immersion

Tailored To You

Now is your time. You’ve come here for a reason. You understand that there’s so much energy, emotion, and LIFE FORCE held in your pelvic bowl, and you’re ready to tap into it! Get to know your own innate power. You are invited to reconnect with yourself, reclaim your health and vitality, and be lovingly and compassionately held in a private healing container with an expert who feels and cares deeply.


with Dr. Bri

"The Experience" fuses the power and personalization of 1:1 coaching with the immersive, soul-satisfying feel of a luxury retreat. Release tension & trauma from your body, recharge your Spirit, and walk beside a guide who has years of experience in women’s wellness and holistic pelvic health.

Whether you have pelvic organ prolapse, bladder leakage, birth-related injuries or trauma, digestive issues, nervous system dysregulation, anxiety, chronic pain, painful or unsatisfying sex, or simply desire an exclusive customized healing experience with Dr. Bri… You’re in the right place.


If you're ready to go all in and make this the year you completely transform,

“The Experience” is for you.


is available on an extremely limited basis, to groups of 1-3 women.

  • If you desire a private, fully catered experience just for you… wonderful! 
  • If you have a group of up to three female friends (total) and would like to coordinate a small group experience, we can make that happen too.

No matter your preference, here’s what you will receive:

  • Being the only VIP client(s) in an all-inclusive healing retreat hosted by a professional with 15+ years of experience in women’s wellness and holistic pelvic health.

  • Extensive before and after-care, with three private online coaching/prep sessions before the immersive experience, and an additional three coaching sessions after.
  • A 2-day immersive experience in Bend, Oregon in luxury accommodations arranged by Dr. Bri (or you can arrange your own). 
  • Pickup and drop-off at the Redmond airport, should you choose to fly into town.

  • Private yoga and therapeutic movement sessions with Bri, with hands-on adjustments as needed.

  • Local hikes and excursions curated by Dr. Bri, depending on the season and weather conditions.

  • Two sessions of Holistic Pelvic Care to melt pain and tension from your body, and unblock stuck energy.

  • Two sessions of vibro-acoustic therapy – an experience you will never forget.

  • Personal wellness coaching based on your individual needs, including nutritious meals tailored to YOUR NEEDS that you and Dr. Bri will prepare together.

It’s a mind-blowingly intense spiritual and energetic experience, but you know me… I’ll keep it comfortable and fun! Along with the deep work, there will be delicious treats, dance parties, and plenty of laughs.

Each “Experience” is a bespoke, completely customized, and truly holistic treatment plan that may include internal pelvic floor therapy (vaginal and/or anal), perineal release work, and/or head and jaw massage. You will also receive individualized movement training (from yin yoga to hiking to HIIT) based on your individual desires and needs. Every detail will be tailored to YOU so you can feel safe, supported, relaxed, and in your optimal zone for health and healing.

“The Experience” is a one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to treat yourself to a transformational deep dive that will change your life.

"I had the absolute privilege of receiving a Holistic Pelvic Care session from Bri recently and I was held, completely cared for, and nourished by her presence. She did everything to guide me, meet me where I am, and help me with my pelvic healing from within. Her hands and presence are steady, sensitive, and caring. I felt relaxed, grounded and so centered after our treatment session. My urinary leaking with urgency and running has improved, my bowel movements have been easier, my orgasms have been more intense and pleasurable and I feel like I know how to care better for my pelvic space since our session. Bri is a gifted practitioner who will undoubtedly guide you in just the right way for you, so you can thrive in your life."

Laura Flood

Booking Date Ranges Available:

The following timeframes are available for your 2-day in-person experience in Bend, Oregon with me.

  • May 20 - June 20, 2023
  • Oct 1 - Nov 15, 2023

Together, you and I can determine the best specific dates (wihin these windows) for your personal needs and preferences.

Your coaching calls will occur starting 4-6 weeks before your 2-day experience, and will wrap up 6-8 weeks after your in-person time with me.

Base Price:

$2700 + the cost of travel and accommodations

Accomodations can be arranged by you (the client) or by Dr. Bri. Payment of the base price is required to secure your spot, and then together we’ll work out the details for your desired accommodations. 

The $2700 base price is for one person. If you have a small group of up to three people, please contact me and I’ll create a special invoice for your group with a slightly reduced rate per person.

Price includes:

  • 6 online coaching calls via Zoom (calls are 60-minutes each; you'll receive 3 calls before the 2-day experience in Bend, Oregon, and 3 calls after)
  • Email and video support between coaching calls as needed
  • Pick-up and drop-off at the Redmond Airport if flying in
  • 2 full days of bespoke one-one-one wellness activities and therapeutic treatments with Dr. Bri including yoga, customized fitness, body work, bodywork, pelvic floor release work, lifestyle and wellness coaching, energy work, and more
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks)
  • Dr. Bri will arrange your private, luxury accommodations at one of her favorite locations if requested, or you may reserve your own airbnb (accomodations larger than a single hotel room is required)


  • Lifetime access to Transcend, Bri's powerful 12-week course that details the mental, emotional, and spiritual work of pelvic health ($1500 value)

This is a big commitment, and I’m sure you have questions.

If your heart is yearning for “The Experience,” and you’d like additional information before applying, then contact me via the yellow button below. Ask your questions and I’ll reply with a video response, or you can request to book a complimentary 20-minute discovery call with me.

Please note that I will NOT try to “sell you” on this program, as it’s only right for me if it’s TRULY right for you (and if you’re ready for this type of work). I will never try to convince you or force you into alignment.

And if you’re a good fit… Then WOW. This is going to be a game-changer for you!

I can’t wait to meet you and to walk with you in YOUR “Experience.”