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A full recovery is possible.

Does your pelvic floor need help? Take the quiz here and find out. For at-home resources and support, read about my programs below!

*Note: In addition to my online programs, I recommend seeing a physical therapist in-person for evaluation and treatment. 

Find your path to pelvic health... let's get started!

Online Courses: Build Your Foundation (Start Here)

  • BEGIN Mini-Course:¬†Do you know your pelvic floor needs help, but you don't know where to start?¬†Then BEGIN¬†is for you. Learn how stress impacts pelvic health, how to gain awareness of your pelvic muscles, and how to release and relax.¬†These are foundational first steps¬†for anyone on a pelvic healing path.
  • Overcome Pelvic Pain for Women: If you have pelvic pain, painful sex, excessive pelvic floor tension, or bladder urgency or frequency (i.e., if you feel like you have to pee all the time but don't have a bladder infection), then¬†this 12-week guided program¬†is for you. Includes movement routines, mind-body practices, and community support. THE FOCUS IS ON PELVIC RELAXATION/RELEASE.
  • Lift for Prolapse Relief:¬†If you have prolapse and/or bladder leaks, then¬†this 5-week guided program¬†is for you! Includes¬†gradually progressive fitness routines,¬†lifestyle guidance, community support, and LOADS of bonus content.¬†THE FOCUS IS ON GRADUAL STRENGTHENING AND LIVING A PROLAPSE-SAFE, PELVIC FLOOR FRIENDLY LIFE.
  • Overcome + Lift Bundle:¬†Do you have both pelvic pain or tension AND prolapse or bladder leaks? If so, you can save money with the¬†Overcome + Lift Bundle. Go through Overcome first, then move on to Lift.¬†¬†

Take it to the next level! Mind-Body-Pelvic Health

Merging Science and Spirituality for Empowered Whole-Person Pelvic Care 

My mind-body programs are best for those who have been through one or more of my foundational online courses and want more. They are for people who are ready to dive deep into embodiment practices, somatic movement, mindset, and energy work for transformation that positively impacts your pelvic health and your entire life.

  • The Mind-Body-Pelvic Health Academy is an online program¬†for¬†anyone looking for the "missing link" in pelvic healthcare.¬†Learn¬†the mental and emotional work of pelvic health, nervous system regulation, somatic movement, embodied learning of your anatomy, and intimate wellness practices that will skyrocket your pleasure!¬†Includes the BONUS 4 months FREE¬†in "The Collective," a community with monthly live Celebration Circles and Soma Healing Flow workouts.¬†
  • The Experience is a private healing immersion tailored to you! It fuses the power and personalization of 1:1 coaching with the soul-satisfying feel of a private retreat. Release tension and trauma from your body, recharge your Spirit, and walk beside a guide with years of experience in women‚Äôs wellness and holistic pelvic health.¬†This is the closest way to work with me and has limited availability.¬†

*I do not offer single coaching sessions at this time, only the packages listed above.

*Before applying for "The Experience" or the 1:1 coaching upgrade offered in "The Academy PLUS," please ensure that you are financially and energetically ready/able to work with me and that you're able to invest time and energy not only in our coaching sessions but also in homework outside of our time together.


Live Events & Retreats

Nothing changes you¬†‚ÄĒ¬†mind and body¬†‚ÄĒ¬†like attending a live,¬†in-person event.¬†For the latest events and retreats, check out our Events page here.

Hi, I’m Dr. Bri!

I am a doctor of physical therapy and a certified holistic pelvic health educator, but I’m no different from you — I have dealt with my own pelvic health challenges. Prolapse and pelvic pain have been in my life, but with a calm and consistent holistic approach, I have restored my pelvic floor and core and am now symptom-free.

Over the years I've shared my teachings with thousands of people, both in-person and online, and I've had the supreme honor of hearing, time and again, "you've changed my life." But the truth is, I'm not the change-maker! I'm just the spark that lights the way. My clients are the ones making positive changes that last... and having fun along the way. 

I want that for you, too. 

I am passionate about making pelvic health more accessible, friendlier, and a lot less taboo. Eat clean, move every day, and you will shine brighter!

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"My go-to resource!"

Change your pelvic floor. Change your life.

Your pelvic health challenge can be the start of something grand for you!





There is a path. You CAN do this. I can help!

Love, Dr. Bri, PT, DPT


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Vibrant Pelvic Health programs are not a substitute for individualized medical treatment; contact a physician and/or physical therapist in your area for one-on-one evaluation and a personalized treatment plan.