Overcome Prolapse and Get Back to Living Life Vibrantly!

Restore your pelvic floor with Dr. Bri's proven 5 week at-home program.


“Prolapse no longer controls me. You have given me back my joy.”

Brittany Pokhoy, Mother of 2


Don’t go another day...

...feeling like you're broken "down there"


...With bladder urgency ruining your plans and embarrassing you


...Ashamed to have sex with your partner


...Afraid to exercise, run, or lift your kids


...With discomfort that makes you feel blah, tired, and constantly needing to sit down or slow down

I’ve personally experienced prolapse, urinary urgency and frequency, pelvic tension, and pelvic pain…and now I’m just fine — living a vibrant life every day. Let me help you too!

I created Lift by combining my background as a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in women’s health with my own holistic healing experience.

Over 7,000 women have gone through Lift with a remarkable success rate

Lift is designed to help you...
  • Strengthen your core and pelvic floor in just 10 minutes per day
  • Allow your body to bring your pelvic organs back into place, naturally
  • Exercise without worry, fear, or bladder leakage
  • Get back to having great sex without shame
  • Fall in love with your body
  • Learn how to live a Lifted Lifestyle

All without having to do hundreds of kegels per day or having surgery.

“Brianne has a gift for understanding the female body and explaining it in a kind and easy to understand way.”

Katie Wells, Wellness Mama

Prolapse is More Common than You Think

  • 1 in 3 women experience bladder leakage.
  • As many as 50% of women who’ve given birth experience some degree of prolapse.
  • This isn’t a life sentence it is an opportunity to become the master of your own body. 
  • Lift is RESULTS DRIVEN. 97.2% of survey respondents said that Lift helped them.

Take a Look Inside of


Dr. Bri teaches you the importance of proper breathing, proper posture, and how to engage and relax your pelvic floor. These instructional videos give you the foundation for effective workouts and alleviation of your prolapse symptoms.


A different workout for each of the 5 weeks. These short 10-12 minute routines are music only, designed to be watched after watching the weekly instructional videos. The flow-through workouts are your daily self-care to repair and restore your pelvic floor.


Print out and complete this easy to follow 5 Week Schedule. Your entire healing experience is guided for you, no need to figure it out on your own. Includes a symptom tracker, so that you can track your own progress!


Included in Lift is “Prolapse Friendly Foods” a detailed nutrition guide so that you know what to eat, and why it’s important. Several healthy and scrumptious family friendly recipes are included for your enjoyment.


Shifting your thoughts and emotions is one of the fastest ways to recover. Lift includes 9 short meditations that anyone can do. Along with journal prompts and affirmations to enhance the mind-body connection.


Dr. Bri’s favorite moves are included in the “After Lift” routine — so that you can keep your momentum going. Along with the maintenance routine are recommendations for living a Lifted Lifestyle with joy and vibrancy!

Access to the FemSquad Community — Support from Dr. Bri
  • Daily feedback from Dr. Bri and other coaches.
  • Interact with other women who are overcoming prolapse alongside you.
  • The opportunity to have your personal questions answered.
  • A loving, supportive, safe, judgement-free zone.

What Does the Road to Relief Look Like?


In your first week, you will learn about the importance of breathing, posture, how to lift, toilet tips, and you'll start changing your body with the week 1 flow-through routine. You will also step into the FemSquad Online Community and feel surrounded by love, hope, and positivity!


Halfway through Lift, many women begin to feel significantly less symptoms and a return of muscle control and confidence. You will continue with the daily 10 minute flow-through routines, as you integrate mindset and nutrition into your new Lifted Lifestyle.


You made it to the last week of Lift! Stronger, more confident, more in control of your life you have made the daily 10-minute workouts and short meditations a mainstay. Your eating, posture, and other daily habits are becoming ingrained with ease!


After the 5 Week program, you are given the tools you need to continue to live the Lifted Lifestyle, including the FemSquad Online Community and the opportunity to join Momentum an upcoming program for those who don’t just want to overcome prolapse, but desire to thrive and maintain their new Lifted Life.


Hi, I’m Dr. Bri!

I am a doctor of physical therapy and a women's health and nutrition coach, but I’m no different from you I have dealt with my own pelvic health challenges. Prolapse and pelvic pain have been in my life, but with a calm and consistent holistic approach, I have restored my pelvic floor and core and am completely symptom-free.

My passion, my vision, and my dream is to help people heal themselves naturally via body awareness, movement, nutrition, and the mind-body connection. It’s a holistic way of living that will change your body and your life, and it’s contagious! When you shine brighter, others around you will notice your brilliance.

I am passionate about making pelvic health more accessible, a little bit friendlier, and a lot less taboo. Eat clean, move every day, and you will shine brighter!

Dr. Bri Has Been Featured In

Lift has completely taken away my fear of movement and exercise.

"I was in such a dark place after my recent diagnosis until I found Dr. Bri. Her YouTube videos picked me right up with her positivity and comprehensive guidance on everything (and I mean everything) to do with our pelvic health. I had no hesitation in buying Lift and I’ve LOVED every week’s lesson. Lift has completely taken away my fear of movement and exercise. My uterine prolapse is no more and is now classed as normal. My cystocele continues to improve. I am very happy. I also have access to the FemSquad community, and the support on there from so many amazing and positive women is invaluable!"

Denise Trueman, Stockport, England

I went back to running and my active lifestyle pain-free.

"Having visited a number of doctors and physios over a period of 4 years, with no clear explanation of the symptoms and pain I had on my pelvic floor area, I started to believe that I’d never be able to run again or have an active lifestyle…until I found Lift! Lift (and Bri’s expert guidance) led me to an amazing and enjoyable journey of knowledge and transformation. I did overcome my pelvic floor issues, I went back to running and my active lifestyle pain-free, with a toolbox of knowledge about how our bodies work, how everything is connected, how to listen to the signals of my body and manage them myself. FemSquad is a great community of sharing experiences, exchanging invaluable information and providing and receiving support. The community is relevant to ALL women. Bri’s presence is just incredible. She is genuine, and an amazingly knowledgeable person with a unique ability to provide thorough explanations while remaining relevant and practical."

Daina Miskouri, Cyprus

My prolapses were beginning to change how I was as a parent.

"Before I found Lift, I was advised to only stand or walk for 45 minutes at a time (as well as the usual no high impact exercise, no lifting), so I developed a real fear of movement & developed debilitating lower back & hip pain. I was worried I would have to find a new job because of that advice. But after going through Lift, I’ve seen so many gains. Now I can easily lift my son out of the bath, carry him from his bed to mine in the middle of the night if needed, and I can even carry him from nursery to the car (about a 10 minute stroll). All without fear of movement since I am stronger and now know the right techniques. My prolapses were beginning to change how I was as a parent, and how I felt about myself. Now thanks to Bri’s movement sessions, lifted lifestyle tips and her positive, holistic approach to pelvic health I am so much stronger and feel so much more connected to my body. I have my life back!"

Sharon Oakley, York, England


The Complete Program

It's time to live your life again.
Make a firm decision and follow through. 

  • Instructional Videos
  • Weeks 1-5 Workouts
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Recipes
  • Weekly Printouts
  • Schedule + Progress Tracker
  • Meditations
  • Affirmations
  • Smooth Mooth System
  • 30 Day Kegel Camp
  • Lifetime Access
  • FemSquad Community
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

One-Time Payment




3 Monthly Payments



100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This program was intelligently designed to help you get results. Of course, you have to actually follow the program, and have faith that it is working. With that proviso, we stand fully behind the Lift program. We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are following the program instructions and don't feel that the program is benefiting you in a reasonable way, please reach out to us. We will see how we can help, and if not, we will give you a full refund. There is no need to feel like you are taking a risk on your health. If anything, we want you to look back and say, "wow, that was the best money I ever spent — I am me again!!"

Lift is for women of
all ages, and all stages.



Smooth Move System for Constipation Relief

Prevent (or eliminate) occasional constipation and bloating with this proven system! Time-tested secrets for digestive health including targeted abdominal massage and gut-soothing foods will leave you feeling lean, clean, light, and vibrant. Includes: 25 unique gluten-free and dairy-free Smooth Move Smoothie recipes (plus two master base recipes), diagram and instructions for the 3-Step Abdominal Massage with video tutorial, and additional tips for easy elimination.

30 Day Kegel Camp (Downloadable)

In just 30 days you'll transform your pelvic floor into the supportive team player you know it can be! Kegel Camp helps with bladder, bowel, and gas control, improves sexual health, flattens your belly, and tones your hips and core. Perfect for use after Lift.

Because pelvic wellness is a lifestyle, BONUS content includes 1-minute spa dates for your pelvic floor, a yoga flow for pelvic tension, replays of all "Campfire Chat" Q&A calls, and helpful videos with simple tips that will keep your pelvic floor strong and healthy for life.

Frequently Asked Questions

*In all cases above, we recommend consulting with a local pelvic floor physical therapist for an individualized evaluation and treatment plan. If pelvic floor physical therapy is not available to you (or if you want additional treatment options that you can do on your own, at home), then Lift is the ideal addition to your well-rounded and empowered plan of care.

One Last Thing

I created this program for myself, to heal my own bladder prolapse. I couldn’t have dreamed it would turn into the movement that it has today! I say with a humble heart and so much gratitude that Lift has changed many, many lives and I want your life to be changed next.

You don’t need to live another day feeling overwhelmed, uncomfortable, and confused about where to start when this all-in-one solution is waiting for you.

You can live life vibrantly with prolapse, and beyond that, you can get better… don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! My mission is to teach you to become your own healer. You don't need an expert to "tell you" what to do; rather, I'll give you the basics and empower you to apply these techniques to your own life. Let’s get you back to confidence. Take my hand… I’ll show you the way. I believe in you. Let’s Lift!

The secret to reversing symptoms of prolapse and getting your life back!


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Vibrant Pelvic Health programs are not a substitute for individualized medical treatment; contact a physician and/or physical therapist in your area for one-on-one evaluation and a personalized treatment plan.