Overcome + Lift Bundle (Save $200)

If you need to release/reduce pelvic pain and tension and also resolve prolapse, then get the Overcome Pelvic Pain For Women + Lift Bundle. This will save you $200, and gives you full access to both programs.

Overcome Pelvic Pain For Women

Overcome Pelvic Pain for Women is a 12 week program that combines a daily stretching and strengthening routine, mindset, nutrition, trigger point releases, deep relaxation poses, and an understanding of anatomy to bring you back to strength.

Lift For Prolapse Relief

Lift is a 5 week program designed to restore your pelvic floor and resolve your prolapse. Dr. Bri shares the practical, step-by-step approach she used to heal her own prolapse symptoms using her signature approach of movement, lifestyle, and mindset. The daily routines require just 10-12 minutes a day!

Overcome + Lift Bundle

One-Time Payment


Overcome + Lift Bundle

3 Monthly Payments



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