Natural and Holistic Remedies for Pelvic Health

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Natural and Holistic Remedies for Pelvic Health

While it’s important to see a professional for illness or injury, especially one that’s persistent, it’s also super helpful to have some extra tools in your back pocket to support your own healing! Anyone familiar with my Lift or Overcome programs knows that I’m a big believer in natural and holistic remedies for pelvic health. After all, everything is connected, mind and body! Here are a few suggestions for building your own holistic health toolbox.

Essential Oils

Not only can essential oils (EOs) reduce stress and boost your mood, they can also ease muscle tension and relieve pain. They aren’t a magical cure-all, but they are a beautiful way to support a holistic path to pelvic health.

Essential oils for stress management and relaxation

Good sleep is essential for pelvic health. Lavender is known as the “calming” oil, and I have personally used it (very successfully) when I am feeling anxious. Cedarwood has mild sedative effects if inhaled. One of my favorite combinations for a restful sleep is a diffusion of cedarwood and lavender oils.

Essentials oils for pain and discomfort

A study from the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Research found in a randomized, double-blind clinical trial that a blend of pure essential oils served to decrease the duration of menstrual pain. Lavender, clary sage, and marjoram were used in a 2:1:1 ratio, diluted to 3% in an unscented cream (or carrier oil like jojoba or coconut), and applied daily to the lower abdomen. Both numeric and verbal pain rating scales significantly decreased (P < 0.001) after just one menstrual cycle!

Excess tension in the pelvic floor muscles can create a “headache in the pelvis.” Place 2-3 drops of peppermint oil in the toilet, sit over it for a few minutes, and take some deep breaths. It may help relax the pelvic floor muscles for easier release while going to the bathroom.

Wintergreen oil is also effective at relieving muscle pain and tension when used topically. The active ingredient in this oil is closely related to aspirin and has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.


EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as Tapping, has its roots in Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Using defined acupoints on the body, tapping is a quick and easy tool to help you calm your body and/or ease anxiety in the moment. It’s a perfect addition to any alternative and holistic pelvic health routine.


"An affirmation opens the door. It's the beginning point on the path to change." ~Louise Hay

Affirmations aren’t going to cure you, but they will absolutely support you on a holistic pelvic health journey. You can write your own so they feel powerful and personal TO YOU, or you can start with a short video of pelvic health affirmations that I created. Listen every morning for 30 days and feel the magic happen!

Massage and Self-Massage 

Everything is connected via fascia! The pelvic floor consists of more than just muscles! It also includes all of the nerves, blood vessels, and fascia in the pelvic floor region. Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds all of your muscles and organs, and it connects EVERYTHING in your body from head to toe. Yet another tool you can use as a natural and holistic remedy for pelvic health is self-massage.

Daily Moves for Digestion, which includes an abdominal massage:

We just don’t give our tummies the love and affection they deserve sometimes! Abdominal massage is wonderful for pelvic health because not only will it help with gut motility and digestion, but a gentle, loving abdominal massage will help release excess tension in the pelvic area.

External perineal massage and release techniques

This area of the body has often been seen as taboo and shrouded in mystery. No more! External perineal massage and release is a wonderful natural, holistic remedy for pelvic health that you can learn to do yourself. Try to become well-acquainted with this part of your body to better help it heal.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ve found few ideas for natural and holistic pelvic health support. Essential oils, tapping, affirmations, and massage won’t necessarily help you on their own, but each are fantastic additions to any holistic healing program. If you are interested in learning more about the mind-body connection and pelvic health, check out Begin, Lift, or Overcome today!

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