The SECRET to Pelvic Floor Relief

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The Secret to Pelvic Floor Relief

When most people have pelvic floor concerns such as pelvic pain, bladder leakage, pelvic heaviness (prolapse), etc., they automatically turn to Kegel exercises. But the true secret to pelvic floor relief is to do the complete opposite! 

The secret to relief: skip Kegels.

Relax your belly, butt, and pelvic muscles instead!

The secret to pelvic relief: "blossom" and soften your ribs, belly, and butt cheeks.

This improves breathing, alignment, and muscle/tissue health, thereby reducing pressure on your pelvic organs and irritation of your bladder. 

In this video, you'll learn why people (unintentionally) clench their belly and butt muscles, and why it's essential to relax and return your body to its NORMAL level of resting tension. Watch 'til the end for specific tips to release belly and butt tension!

This video is designed for people with prolapse, pelvic floor dysfunction, and bladder health issues (leakage, frequency, and urgency).

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  • The absolute first step to getting stronger in your core
  • Why you don’t need to do Kegels in order to get better
  • Moves you can do anytime you’re feeling uncomfortable “down there” 
  • Exactly how to know if you’re ACTUALLY doing the moves right
  • How to fast-track your success in pelvic floor therapy

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