Do You Need to STOP Doing Kegels?

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Do You Need to STOP Doing Kegels?

Do you need to stop doing Kegel exercises? Are Kegels right for you? Are you doing them correctly? These questions are important to ask because many people are doing too many Kegels, or they're doing them in a way that is wrong and can actually be damaging to their pelvic floor. 

Are Kegels right for you? Find out!

Grab a pen and paper and take this self-assessment:

The information in this video can be applied to both males and females.

For further evaluation and individualized support, contact a pelvic floor physical therapist in your area. I recommend doing an online search looking for providers that get good reviews. If you live in the United States, here is a physical therapist locator you can use.

At-Home Support

If you'd like at-home support to use along with your in-person physical therapy treatment, I have some great options for you. You can do these online pelvic health programs from the comfort and privacy of your home: 

  • BEGIN mini-course, which is a paradigm-shifter when it comes to the initial treatment of pelvic floor concerns! Instead of jumping straight into Kegel exercises, you'll learn how to 1) increase pelvic floor awareness, and 2) relax your pelvic muscles. Whether you have high pelvic floor tone, or low pelvic floor tone, the information in this mini-course will put you on the fast track to pelvic floor recovery. BEGIN is an excellent "first step" for ANYONE, and it's the program I recommend you use before moving into one of my full-length programs. 

My full-length programs:

  • Overcome Pelvic Pain for Women: If you have pelvic pain, painful sex, or excessive tension, then this 12-week guided program is for you. Includes movement routines, mind-body practices, and community support. 
  • Lift for Prolapse Relief: If you have prolapse and/or bladder leaks, then this 5-week guided program is for you! Includes gradually progressive fitness routines, lifestyle guidance, community support, and LOADS of bonus content.  

Does your pelvic floor need help? 

Many women think they just need live with the changes they’re experiencing
“down there,” but this is NOT the case. 
Take the short quiz to find out if you have issues that can be solved naturally. 


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