"This Now Moment Walk" for Mental and Pelvic Health

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This Now Moment Walk for Mental and Pelvic Health

Your mental/emotional state impacts your pelvic health! When you're feeling anxious or overwhelmed, tension and discomfort in your pelvic floor builds. A simple solution is practicing presence with the "This Now Moment" walk.

Does anxiety affect pelvic floor prolapse?

Yes! Absolutely. Feelings such as overwhelm, mental pressure, anxiety, and stress typically lead to shallow breathing and muscular tension being held in your pelvic floor. It’s all connected. An anxious emotional state creates fear and uncertainty in the mind, which automatically and unconsciously creates muscle stiffness and tension in the body as a protective response. This tension (tightness) in the pelvic floor makes the pelvic muscles less responsive and resilient. This causes your pelvic floor muscles to be less supportive of your pelvic organs, leading to an increased risk of pelvic organ prolapse. Furthermore, a tight/tense pelvic floor increases the discomfort of prolapse because of the tension around the shifted (prolapsed) organ(s).

The Mental Work of Pelvic Health

The mind-body connection cannot be ignored. Pelvic organ prolapse (often called pelvic floor prolapse) is NOT just a mechanical issue that can be fixed by a few Kegel exercises. 

Your mental and emotional state impacts the muscles in your body, and your physical state (i.e. if you have prolapse or pelvic pain) impacts your mental and emotional state.

Manage ALL OF IT (mind, body, and spirit) by adopting a more holistic, whole-person approach to healing and using tools such as my "This Now Moment Walk."

This Now Moment Walk

I recorded this 30-minute audio based on my own personal presence practice: walking out in nature WITHOUT being plugged into headphones, a podcast or an audiobook, or talking on the phone. 

You can think of it as "mindless" walking! 

You're NOT walking to catch up with friends, get a great workout, learn something, finish the last chapter of your audiobook, or accomplish any type of goal... Rather, the goal of a "This Now Moment Walk" is to get OUT OF YOUR HEAD and into the present moment.

In the above audio lesson, I explain how to do this type of walk, as well as details about pain science and pelvic health, why it's important to re-establish a sense of safety in the body when you're healing, and why PRESENCE is the best state of being for nervous system regulation and muscular relaxation.

Hips-Up Time After

If you have a pelvic organ shift (otherwise known as pelvic organ prolapse, or pelvic floor prolapse) then consider using a pessary while walking or exercising. I also encourage EVERYONE, whether or not you have a pelvic organ shift, to spend 3-5 minutes in "hips up time" after your walk! 

Relaxing with your hips up on a pillow is a great way to rejuvenate your pelvic muscles AND integrate all of the gratitude, peace, and presence you will experience in your "This Now Moment Walk."

Wrapping it up:

The "This Now Moment Walk" is great for your mental health AND your pelvic health. Listen to the audio to get all the details about why and how, and then give a "This Now Moment Walk" a try. See for yourself how calm and expanded you feel when you're done... mind AND body!

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