Chronic Pelvic Pain in Females (Masterclass)

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Chronic Pelvic Pain in Females

If you are a woman with persistent pelvic pain, you are not alone, and there's help! Long-term, chronic pelvic pain often presents as low back pain, pain in the genitals or bladder region, painful sex, and absolute EXHAUSTION because it can be so disruptive to your daily life. 

How to Help Chronic Pelvic Pain

In this powerful (free) masterclass, you will learn more about persistent pelvic pain, and how to begin resolving your chronic pelvic pain and tension. It's about an hour long, so settle in with a cup of tea and prepare for an immersive experience with education and also participation.

Grab a pen and paper... you'll want to take notes!

Next Steps for Female Pelvic Pain:

For further reading, check out The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Female Pelvic Pain.

In addition, you can begin your healing journey by starting the first week of Overcome Pelvic Pain for women... absolutely for free. 

There is hope, there is help, and you CAN get through this. All you have to do is get started and take one small step at a time.


Dr. Bri, PT, DPT

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